Creative Collab is a new biz on the scene, providing Toronto with health and wellness events that answer your desires of what it means to have fun while being healthy. Our goal is to provide both a stimulating customer experience and tremendous value to our attendees.


Creative Collab is an event management company focused on curating events for the health and wellness community to engage in mental, physical, and intellectual activities with the mission to inspire wellbeing and ignite self-growth. Creative Collab (CC) was born when the founder, Ms Write, after attending countless wellness events observed that a few key things were missing and a few gaps needed to be filled for this community. Many wellness events happen around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) every single month, however, most are missing this one key ingredient for their attendees: incorporating education with physical activities.

It has been scientifically proven that incorporating physical activities into any educational concept increases ones’ wellbeing and decreases mental health issues and illnesses – which is rapidly increasing in Ontario.